March Editorial

Welcome to the second anniversary issue of The Big Click. We’re packed this month, with two great stories, two great essays by our regulars Tom Piccirilli and Barry Graham, and the return of the mother-in-law review corner.

We’ve managed a lot over the past two years—we’ve set up subscriptions for our ebook issues via Weightless Books, had a Spinetingler Award nominee in “Angel of Hospitality” by Ken Bruen, and have published lots of cutting-edge crime fiction. Soon, we’ll be applying for the Mystery Writers of America’s Approved Publisher list, and hope to be on more awards ballots soon.

Our fiction selections this issue are all about women and danger. Not necessarily  women in danger, mind you, but women and danger. B. DeMarco-Barrett’s “Message in a Bottle” is about the importance of littering—it could save your life!–and Rebecca Ore’s “Adulterer and Bandsaw”…well, sometimes titles tell the whole story.

So, two years! Subscribe! Tell your friends! Send us a query letter if you would like to submit something. Get clickin’!

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The Editors

Jeremiah Tolbert is a web designer, writer, and photographer living in Tonganoxie, Kansas.

Nick Mamatas is a writer and editor living in Berkeley, California.

Seth Cadin is an East Bay artist and editor who also sometimes trades stories for money.

Molly Tanzer writes and edits in Boulder, Colorado.



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