March Editorial

Welcome to the first anniversary issue of The Big Click. And what a long dark year it has been! We’re happy to have brought you stories and essays by living legends including Ken Bruen and Tom Piccirilli, up-and-comers including Anonymous‑9 and James Robert Smith, debut fiction by Joseph Tomaras, and more.

We also have some news! You can now subscribe to The Big Click via Weightless Books, and we sure hope that you do. Ebook sales are what keep us going, and what keep us paying our writers! We’re also launching a fundraising Indiegogo campaign to help pay for this marvelous website.

So stick with us. This time around we have lured Ekaterina Sedia over from the world of science fiction and fantasy to do a little crime for us, and we’re pleased to bring you Sean Craven, plucked fresh from the burgeoning East Bay noir scene. We’re also getting international, with an essay by scholar Raechel Dumas on recent Japanese crime fiction.

Year One has been great. By this time next year, we’ll be a qualifying market for the Mystery Writers of America, and we hope to be bigger, better, and dragging you down darker alleys six time a year, baby.

About the Author

The Editors

Jeremiah Tolbert is a web designer, writer, and photographer living in Tonganoxie, Kansas.

Nick Mamatas is a writer and editor living in Berkeley, California.

Seth Cadin is an East Bay artist and editor who also sometimes trades stories for money.

Molly Tanzer writes and edits in Boulder, Colorado.



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