July Editorial

The American vision is Europe is that of the slightly run-down social democracy: cobblestones and good food, free healthcare and high taxes, underpowered cars and low crime. The European vision of America? Basically, what they see in movies.

This time around, we have the dark truth about Europe in Axel Taiari’s “Fatima”—it’s a Paris you haven’t seen. Ghetto life, hip-hop, gang fights and, yes, an underpowered car (and maybe even the hint of a love story…?). Ireland’s Michael McGlade’s “Wooden Nickels” shows us the underbelly of New York in the early 1990s. We didn’t have the heart to tell ‘im that payphones cost a quarter even back then, given the name of the story and all. But other than that, it is pitch perfect and just like the Lower East Side I remember from a few years later.

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The Editors

Jeremiah Tolbert is a web designer, writer, and photographer living in Tonganoxie, Kansas.

Nick Mamatas is a writer and editor living in Berkeley, California.

Seth Cadin is an East Bay artist and editor who also sometimes trades stories for money.

Molly Tanzer writes and edits in Boulder, Colorado.



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