September 2015 (Issue 22)

Welcome to the September issue of The Big Click. As usual, you’ll find cutting-edge short-form crime fiction, and reviews of the hottest longer crime releases, as well as the wisdom of Barry Graham’s column. So sit back and enjoy “Soar, Drenched Falcon, One Panel to The Next” by Jim Nisbet and “High Score” by “Vito Gulla” and we’ll see you in November, when it’s cooler!

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Soar, Drenched Falcon, One Panel to The Next

Apartment buildings, locked. Like every car, locked. A parking garage, card-key entry. A doorway, all too illuminated. The Chinese Consulate, for Chrissakes, Falun Gong penitents kneeling in the dark and in the rain across Laguna. Furlong Gone, good name for a horse. And, yes, it is raining on both sides of the street. Fifty yards […]

September Editorial

On July 11, we lost Tom Piccirilli, a brilliant writer who was also the first person to support The Big Click. His column was the high point of every issue in which it appeared, and it is nearly impossible to imagine contemporary noir fiction without him. Before turning to crime fiction, Pic was a well-known […]

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