November 2014 (Issue 17)

Our 17th issue, guest-edited by Elsabeth Hermens, focuses on Oakland. Na’amen Gobert Tilahun gets kohl and glitter all over the issue (and some poison, too) with “Retirement Plans at Shining Girls,” featuring one of our most powerful and unforgettable protagonists yet. Rob Pierce’s “The Real Thing” is a slice of… something, maybe real, maybe not. And our very own Nick Mamatas delivers some investigative drama with “Bad Day at Black Bloc.” Ever roll your eyes at those Anonymous masks? You’ll like this story. We also have a personal essay on crime in Oakland by Lori Selke and, of course, capsule reviews of the latest, hottest crime fiction.

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Retirement Plans at Shining Girls

The room’s dark, cracked walls comfort Sparrow. The backroom of the club has fifteen vanities crammed around the border, towering, wooden monstrosities that rise almost to the ceiling, none of which match, except for the flaking paint. The free space in the center of the room is tiny but it’s enough for over a dozen […]

November Editorial

Oaklanders have, historically, not been unwilling to take a stand against abuse and mistreatment from the so-called authorities. The Black Panther Party started here in the 1960’s, and in 2000, a civil rights lawsuit was filed that has led to the OPD being threatened with federal receivership after failing to comply with court orders to […]

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