May 2015 (Issue 20)

Calling Issue 20 of The Big Click “The Scottish Issue” gives it a sort of cache, but these fine examples of Scottish noir have no curses attached to them. Not that we know of, at any rate. Instead of curses, Barry Graham, our guest editor, presents “The Four Fields,” by Tony Black, and “Conduct Unbecoming” by Ray Banks, two shining stars in the black firmament of Scottish noir. But, they’re not the only stars, as Barry Graham in “The Crime of being Scottish” and Fiona Johnson in her capsule reviews will reveal.

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The Four Fields

Caleb turned to face the lighthouse. The long white beam wandered the island’s shoreline, swung its wide sweep away and vanished—for only a second—into the horizon. The light repeated its slow arc, swung away again, and Caleb sighed. It was a dark night, well, weren’t they all? Some seemed darker than others. Tonight the sky […]

May Editorial

The Big Click is my favorite literary magazine. I’ve loved writing my column here for two years now, so I was very happy to step in as guest editor for this issue, devoted to Scottish noir. Really, it was high time this issue happened, because, as I explain in my column for this one, the […]

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