May 2014 (Issue 14)

Our fiction this month is chock full of romance and bromance. Plus punching and murder, as is our wont. First, Heather L. Nelson’s story, “Gorge,” will delight you with sleeping pill-laced beers and mom-approved revenge plots. Then, Gary Philips will thrill you with “Tobin and Gagarin,” a rampaging tale of rampage and two guys who just can’t get enough of one another. Also, Barry Graham weighs in with “Scary Decorations,” about finding solace in sadness. All this, plus capsule reviews of the latest crime fiction, including another episode of the Mother-in-Law Review Corner!

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I backed the Ford up to the cliff and hung the tail bed over the gorge. Popping the e‑brake in place, I took a draw on the Camel, down to the butt, and flicked it out the window. When it flicked, I nearly popped a nail. The edges were coming up. Damn press-ons. The money […]

May Editorial

Welcome to the latest issue of The Big Click! We’re thrilled to offer you two great stories, one from Heather L. Nelson, and the other from well-known crime writer Gary Phillips. Nelson came in via our query system—send us an introductory note and tell us about a story you might like us to see, and […]

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