March 2016 (Issue 25)

In the final issue of The Big Click we have three stories by crime author Libby Cudmore—“Narc,” “Play Dead,” and “Barbie Girl,” all different, all the same with their themes of what humans driven to extremes by circumstances are capable of. We also have “The Hero of East Vale” by Marc E. Fitch which, sadly, will resonate with anyone who watches the news. Our nonfiction pieces are a Q&A with Libby Cudmore and a farewell musing from Barry Graham.

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Birthdays get harder as you get older. Not the birthday itself; I hate when people complain about their birthday, like it’s such a drag to celebrate living another damn year, but trying to buy a birthday present for a grown man? You might as well be trying to find the Ark of the Covenant. “Just […]

Final Editorial

Welcome to the latest and indeed, the last issue of The Big Click. We’ve brought you many excellent stories and provocative essays over the past few years, but truth be told things have not been the same for us since the passing of Tom Piccirilli last year. He was more than our occasional columnist, or […]

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