March 2015 (Issue 19)

Welcome to the March 2015 issue of The Big Click, guest-edited by Jason S. Ridler! This month, it’s all wrestling action. Trent Zelazny starts everything off with “Parts Unknown,” which explores the relationship of real violence to fake violence in wrestling. Then we’re pleased to feature “The Ballad of Caprisha Marlin,” by Shannon Giglio, which explores the relationship of real violence to the violence of bullying. And YouTube. Finally, we have a reprint from our very own Nick Mamatas, “Work, Hook, Shoot, Rip,” which will teach you what those terms mean if you don’t know already, and entertain you even if you do. We also have nonfiction from Barry Graham, about Christa Faust’s Hoodtown, and the latest capsule reviews of the best crime fiction.

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Parts Unknown

Aaron lay on the mat, looking up at the arena lights, waiting for Jim to take hold of his feet. The small crowd, a few hundred people, booed and hissed, for Jim was the heel, six-foot-three and just shy of three-hundred pounds, a former All-State football player, and was about to execute his finishing maneuver, the […]

March Editorial

PRO WRESTLING: SELLING VIOLENT LIES SINCE 1918! Pro wrestling is crime fiction: realism and histrionics blended into a cocktail of suspense, violence, absurdity and pathos that lies to you. And that’s just in the ring. Behind the scenes. “The Business,” as pro wrestlers call their trade, is a world of backstabs, class warfare, abysmal racial and […]



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