July 2014 (Issue 15)

In our special Bizarro Crime issue we start things off with Cameron Pierce’s “Drop the World,” the tale of a young woman hoping to heal her life through taking hits to the face in the boxing ring. Then, Stephen Graham Jones gives us a helpful tutorial on how to know you’re a killer in his story “How to Know You’re A Killer.” J David Osborne muses on the intersection of Bizarro and crime fiction in “On Not-Knowing.” As if that wasn’t enough, our capsule reviews of the latest Bizarro crime titles are sure to delight.

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Drop the World

It’s the top of round three in a four round fight. You’ve never been knocked out before, but when a vicious uppercut connects with your chin, you wonder if you’re about to find out how it feels. Your mind fights for control of your body. Your knees wobble. Ten minutes ago, you saw Olympic gold. […]

July Editorial

There’s an argument to be made that horror is a mode rather than a genre. What we typically think of as the conventions of horror can subtly sneak inside fantasy, crime, scifi, and even literary fiction. Bizarro, a literary movement that incorporates elements of absurdism, spectacle, and the surreal, operates similarly. While some Bizarro fiction […]

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