January 2016 (Issue 24)

This issue of The Big Click will take you home, country roads… but just remember, you can never really go home again. If the idea of “country” makes you think about momma’s apple pie, or duck hunting with your daddy—or at least, the representations of such you’ve seen via books, television, or films—you’re in for a surprise. Guest editor Court Merrigan has assembled an issue full of country realness that Andy Griffith never had to deal with. So settle in, because we’ve got short fiction by Shannon Barber and Aaron Phillip Clark, nonfiction by Bart Schaneman, and capsule reviews of the latest, hottest crime fiction inside.

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The Queen of Orla

Ft. Worth. “I fuckin hate that guy,” Leo said. Leo and her twin brother Lenny lounged poolside watching the host of the party, Johnny Blue, strut around. “There anybody you don’t hate?” Lenny asked. Leo’s upper lip curled as Lenny watched her face. “His wife. I’d hit that raw.” “Man you nasty.” Leo turned to look at him. “Shut […]


When I set out to guest-edit this country noir issue, first thought I had was, “No meth. Meth is played out.” Thing is, though, meth’s not played out. Not in the country. Not by a damn sight. Meth is passe, I suppose, unless it’s killing your mother, unless your tweaker husband is raging at you with […]

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