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Nothing Lasts: A Noir Mandala

Nothing lasts. There is no permanent v. impermanent, only varying degrees of impermanence. An apple breaks down faster than a planet. This is why Tibetan Buddhist monks will spend days or weeks making a painting in sand of a mandala, an intricate symbol representing the universe—and, when it’s complete, they erase it. This is neither vandalism […]

Q&A with Libby Cudmore

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we’ll tell you that all of us here at The Big Click are secretly in love with Libby Cudmore, which is why our final issue is dedicated to her. We were very keen to chat with her via email about her debut novel the hipster noir The […]

Final Editorial

Welcome to the latest and indeed, the last issue of The Big Click. We’ve brought you many excellent stories and provocative essays over the past few years, but truth be told things have not been the same for us since the passing of Tom Piccirilli last year. He was more than our occasional columnist, or […]

Capsule Reviews

The Poison Artist, Jonathan Moore ISBN 978–0‑544–52056‑1, 288pp, $24.00 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt January 2016 The Poison Artist is an only occasionally compelling composite of two of the most compelling forms of crime novel: the police procedural and the noir. We have the femme fatale and the chemistry lab full of mass spectrometers and supercomputers, tons of […]

All the Meth That’s Fit to Print

He said the voices on the radio told him to do it. “Cammy and Gary in the Morning” convinced him to break into the sheriff deputy’s house. They told him to go inside and bump into walls and mutter to himself about the heavenly voices on the airwaves. What they didn’t tell him was the […]


When I set out to guest-edit this country noir issue, first thought I had was, “No meth. Meth is played out.” Thing is, though, meth’s not played out. Not in the country. Not by a damn sight. Meth is passe, I suppose, unless it’s killing your mother, unless your tweaker husband is raging at you with […]

Capsule Reviews

High Crimes Christopher Sebela and Ibrahim Moustafa Dark Horse (originally serialized digitally by MonkeyBrain) High Crimes is a love letter to a mountain, and to the beauty of human tenacity, tightly written, paced, and illustrated by the excellent team of Christopher Sebela and Ibrahim Moustafa. The heart of the story is the protagonist, Zan, a disgraced […]

November Editorial

The Aesthetics of Crime My first contact with noir-style in comics was Eisner’s A Contract With God, a series of related shorts set in a crumbling inner-city tenement. I was too young to understand what the stories were about, or to feel anything but vague unease at the crude stereotypes of the Jewish characters, but the […]

Capsule Reviews

Killer and Victim Chris Lambert King Shot Press Chris Lambert’s Killer and Victim had the weight of three monsters on its shoulders: it was the author’s debut novel, part of King Shot Press’ first wave, and the first book in a trilogy. Luckily for everyone involved, Lambert writes like a seasoned pro and has a knack […]



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