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Summer Cannibals

You are in a maze of twisty cubicles all alike. The coder behind you is named Benjamin, and he hasn’t seen the light of the sun in seven days. They have no windows here, no windows at all. The coders to the left and right are falling asleep, nodding off, their drooping heads rattling calendars […]

Welcome to the Family

Lena hands the roll of paper towels from the kitchen counter to her daughter.  “He should be here with you. Where is he?” Lena asks. “He’s teaching,”  Kallie says. “I told him I would talk to you myself.” Kallie’s cell phone rings. Lena answers it. “Hello Kent,” she says. “Come for lunch. I want you to […]


Radames didn’t hunt gators at night, like the rest of them. He didn’t shine the light over the marshes and glades and look for their eyes to light up and then gun them down with a .30–30. He hunted them during the hottest part of the day, when the ancients sat sunning themselves in the […]

Bragadin’s Skin

Girolamo Polidori forced a few more tortured breaths in and out of his lungs, hoping to speed the return of his wind. Straining to sit upright without the use of his bound hands, he tried to get to his knees, failed, fell forward onto his face once more, rolled onto his shoulder and got first […]

The Lost City of Emory Winters

The winter was holding on so long and persistently we had already established a long line of fimbulwinter references and inside jokes. I was half-expecting to come across a Mara or other nightmarish mythical creature as I was dragging myself through the frozen grey streets towards Emory’s place. There were no cars at this early […]

Late Night on Route 17

The man was homeless, probably drunk, pushing a Stop ‘n’ Shop cart filled with empty beer cans collected after college graduations and weekend revelry. Every town has at least one; but we were so far out of town that we weren’t sure where this one belonged. Warwick? Liberty? Some small one-stoplight village that went dark […]

You Are Watching

In here, most of the books are novels and autobiographies about life in prison. Of course. The selection is voluntarily chosen by the inmates, and we don’t want to dig our holes any deeper. When they ask and show us the catalog of prison books we say, yes, we want to read about our own […]

Bragging Rights

Being single means going to strip clubs. Even if you hate them. Because every last one of your married friends needs those weekend “getaways” twice a year. They bullshit you about the good old days, about catching up, but three beers after they’ve landed they’re asking about the best peeler in town. Friend? You’re a […]

Through the Fish-Eyed Lens

The battered ’87 Dodge Rampage chugged and sputtered up the steep incline toward the drop-off at the Dellinger, the old motel atop 3rd Street. Curled into the dark hillside beside an all-night diner, the single-level, ranch-style court overlooked the freeway, hovering on the edge of the Point, the last borough in the city where you […]

The Fifth Witness

Only five people knew how James Davitt had been killed. Four of those were among the police officers who’d been trying to arrest him. The statements they gave afterwards were all consistent. They’d been stationed at the rear of the house where Davitt had been living under an assumed name. When their unit had kicked […]



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