Jim Nisbet

Jim Nisbet has published eleven novels, the most recent of which, Windward Passage, was released by Overlook Press in May, 2010, along with Lethal Injection, the first title in Overlook’s planned reissue of Nisbet’s entire backlist. The Rivages/Thriller edition of Windward Passage will also appear in 2012.  Overlook will publish a new novel, Old & Cold, in the spring of 2012. PM/Green Arcade will publish another new novel, Snitch World, in the fall of 2012. Nisbet has also published five volumes of poetry: Poems for a LadyMorpho (with Alastair Johnston), Gnachos for Bishop BerkeleySmall Apt (with photographs by Shelly Vogel), and Across the Tasman Sea. The San Francisco Book Festival declared Windward Passge the winner of its 2010 Best Science Fiction Award.



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