James Robert Smith

James Robert Smith is a laborer and a family man who lives in the deep South. When he’s not working his eight-hour shift he can generally be found behind the keyboard, writing. He has sold more than seventy short stories (to markets such as Weird Tales, Scare Care, Whitley Streiber’s Aliens, Deathrealm Magazine, Fear Magazine, The Bleeding Edge, The Devil’s Coattails, etc.), hundreds of pages of comic book scripts (for the likes of Kitchen Sink, Marvel Comics, Spyderbabies Grafix, and others), and the novels The Flock and The Clan (both for Tor Books), The Living End, The Coalition, Hissmelina, Withering, and the upcoming The New Ecology of Death (all for Severed Press). He was also the co-editor of Evermore, a Poe-themed anthology from Arkham House Books. The Flock was optioned for film by Don (Transformers) Murphy and John (West Wing, ER) Wells via Warner Brothers—they say it’s going to be a major motion picture. Mr. Smith is always working on a new short story or his latest novel. Until the Grim Reaper puts a stop to all that.



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