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John Harwood’s The Asylum (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013) is a suspenseful, compelling Victorian-era mystery about a young woman, Georgina Ferrars, who awakens in a private asylum in Cornwall with no memory of how she came to be there. When the staff at Tregannon House inform Georgina that she actually checked herself in under a different […]

Crime Fiction—The Perennial Punk Rock of Literature

In the early 1990s, a Scottish publisher put out an anthology that was supposedly the work of the best younger Scottish poets. Scotland at the time was seeing something of a boom in work by younger poets, few of whom were included in the anthology. There was a launch of the book at a branch […]

July Editorial

Welcome to the latest issue of The Big Click. We’re expanding again, this time into the exciting world of capsule reviews. Please do check out John Harwood’s The Asylum and Sara Gran’s Claire DeWitt and the Bohemian Highway. If you are a publisher, publicist, or author, and would like to submit a forthcoming (not current, […]


Okay, just for a change up, let’s start off with good news and not a bunch of maudlin (but honest) thoughts about the condition of my cancer and state of my life.  Of course, perhaps only other writers will actually care or understand the news with the same depth that I do.  Or maybe they […]

Talking with Joe Lansdale: Out on the Edge

Joe R. Lansdale has been writing riveting novels and stories spanning the suspense, Western, and horror genres for four decades. Frequent themes and elements to his writing include memorably quirky characters, bizarre criminal set-ups, issues of race, and matters of rural deprivation, often all couched in the most brazen humor.  He’s noted as a “cult […]

Fat Burglar Blues

So I’m thinking of robbing my next door neighbor’s house.  He’s a cop. By his own admission he’s a terrible shot.  And he’s a jolly cop, with a little paunch and a beaming sweet-guy smile.  He’s Officer Norman Rockwell who gets cats out of trees.  Not an intimidating fucker with a cop mustache and ashen eyes […]


She was like a fish to the bait, Chrislyn was. All a man had to do was speak ooey-gooey love mush and she had the worm in her teeth and the hook halfway down her gullet. I’m the long-suffering gal pal watching as man after man caught her in a sentimental net and gutted her […]

Angel of Hospitality

The R Hotel. Simple, right? The R for refuge. At a hefty price. Ok. Run by a legendary second generation Irish woman. Name of Nora. Her surname, she wasn’t giving that out, least not anytime soon. The stories, you got a babe, and fook, she was all of that, with a mouth like a fishwife, there were […]

March Editorial

Welcome to the first issue of The Big Click, a new electronic magazine of crime fiction. We hope you find what you’ve been looking for here. Crime fiction today is dominated by the novel, and the series novel at that. The Internet and the rise of the e‑reader has opened up a space for the rebirth […]



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