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Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler of The Magnetic Fields) has style to burn. His first YA opus, the thirteen-volume (and then some) A Series Of Unfortunate Events, put three clever and reasonably attractive orphans in ahistorical but distinctly Victwardian-as-drawn-by-Gorey situations and landscapes as they struggle to unmask a nefarious Count, learn about “V.F.D.” (the secret organization […]

Crime in Oakland: A Personal History

In 2009, after not quite ten years of living in Oakland, my father calls me on the phone. “What’s the name of your neighborhood?” he asks without preamble. “My neighborhood doesn’t really have a name,” I say, which is true. “Usually I tell people we live in the Grand Lake neighborhood.” “Where’s that?” he asks. […]

Bad Day at Black Bloc

For some people, riots are a place for settling scores. Nominally, we were all committed to non-violence in our protest against the wars and the bailouts, pollution, and the police state. Property destruction is something else all together, but try telling the cops that. We hit suddenly, without warning, without social media, but somehow the […]

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