The Crime of Being Scottish

He was undoubtedly a man of original genius, but of coarse manners and low and offensive opinions.”—William Wordsworth, on James Hogg If you grow up working class in Scotland, you have a split personality. You speak in Scots, but you write in English. Almost everything you read in school is in English. The class in which […]

May Editorial

The Big Click is my favorite literary magazine. I’ve loved writing my column here for two years now, so I was very happy to step in as guest editor for this issue, devoted to Scottish noir. Really, it was high time this issue happened, because, as I explain in my column for this one, the […]

Conduct Unbecoming

Harsh lights hurt his eyes. Too much noise, the rising buzz of indignation from a swarm of different voices. He braced himself, ready to swipe it all away, his top lip curling. “Whoa, easy.” A hand gripped the crook of his elbow. “There’s a way of doing things, eh.” Tension ached like a bruise; the […]

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