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Rob Hart New Yorked (Polis Books, 2015). Ash McKenna is writer Rob Hart’s crime-wise “fixer”: a freelance troubleshooter for the underclass in modern day NYC. Waking from a bender, he finds a message from his semi-girlfriend, the razor beauty Chell, saying a stranger’s followed her and she needs help. As we and Ash listen, both […]

Why Crime Writers Must Learn to Sing

The subject of this column forces me to brag. This is hard, nay, painful, for me, because I am a man of impressive humility. Indeed, my literary genius is exceeded only by my modesty. But needs must… Though some might pretend otherwise, it’s safe to say that all authors like it when their books are praised, […]


They’re coming for you,” says Housni, but the line cuts off before Abder can open his mouth. You get what you pay for, right, and five euros a month for a burner with unlimited calls to North Africa nets you zero reliability in the Parisian hood. Abder hops on his scooter and guns it out […]

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