On Not-Knowing

One night after a lot of whiskey and beer, a friend of mine suggested that we head down to Main and rob someone. We had no money but what we’d just spent on the booze, and we knew that when we woke up we’d be hungry. Deep down we both knew that we didn’t have […]

July Editorial

There’s an argument to be made that horror is a mode rather than a genre. What we typically think of as the conventions of horror can subtly sneak inside fantasy, crime, scifi, and even literary fiction. Bizarro, a literary movement that incorporates elements of absurdism, spectacle, and the surreal, operates similarly. While some Bizarro fiction […]

How to Know You’re a Killer

1) You’re a killer because you say “Goodbye, Tiffany,”to the college girl passing your butter and white bread across the scanner at the grocery store, even though her name tag is scarred and beaten and only visible in flashes under the windbreaker she’s got on because the register is right by the front door, and […]

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