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The Rebus novels of Ian Rankin essentially defy review. If you enjoy well-told police procedurals with an emphasis on personality and legwork, and a minimum of technology and fisticuffs, they will serve you well. If not… The Saints of the Shadow Bible, if it differs greatly from prior Rebus volumes, is due to the presence of […]


In the past few years I’ve become a big rereader. Before that, I, like a lot of folks, always felt a little guilty rereading a book when there’s so little time and so many new books to tackle. But I got tired of people asking about my favorite books where I’d tell them the same […]

Adulterer and Bandsaw

Jack glanced again at the little glyph on the window frame that looked vaguely Mayan and realized that he didn’t know if it was something that had survived in the culture or some thing someone had revived from reading Popol Vul in middle school. Or did the Nicaraguans have middle school? They did teach Popol […]

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