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The Poison Artist, Jonathan Moore ISBN 978-0-544-52056-1, 288pp, $24.00 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt January 2016 The Poison Artist is an only occasionally compelling composite of two of the most compelling forms of crime novel: the police procedural and the noir. We have the femme fatale and the chemistry lab full of mass spectrometers and supercomputers, tons of […]

All the Meth That’s Fit to Print

He said the voices on the radio told him to do it. “Cammy and Gary in the Morning” convinced him to break into the sheriff deputy’s house. They told him to go inside and bump into walls and mutter to himself about the heavenly voices on the airwaves. What they didn’t tell him was the […]

My Mother’s Keeper

The light danced along her cold black skin illuminating cuts and cigarette burns—some fresh, others thick keloids. Her body was a husk now and looked more like a wax figure than once living matter. The Reverend stood over her. He was tall and thin with a light brown complexion. He wore a crisp, white collar […]

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