July Editorial

The American vision is Europe is that of the slightly run-down social democracy: cobblestones and good food, free healthcare and high taxes, underpowered cars and low crime. The European vision of America? Basically, what they see in movies. This time around, we have the dark truth about Europe in Axel Taiari’s “Fatima”—it’s a Paris you […]

Capsule Reviews

So you say you want to find out something about Scottish crime writing? Are you sure? Well, you know, there’s quite a lot of it about for a small, miserable country with a population of around 5 million sados wandering about in the dark for seven months of the year. With a rich history of […]

Wooden Nickels

1991. Last chance living. Where the forgotten slum it. When you’ve got nowhere left to go. That’s the gist of my article for the Daily News – “New York’s Picture Paper.” Bet you’ve seen them hanging around soup kitchens and blood banks and derelict missions. Dead beats socializing on discarded sofas on street corners. Has-beens hunched […]

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Why Crime Writers Must Learn to Sing


Capsule Reviews

Paradise Burns


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  • Wooden Nickels
    by Michael McGlade
  • Fatima
    by Axel Taiari (available on 7/21)


  • July Editorial
    by The Editors
  • Why Crime Writers Must Learn to Sing
    by Barry Graham (available on 7/14)
  • Capsule Reviews
    by The Editors (available on 7/28)

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